Pre- season Periodisation webinar 18-12-2014

Pre-season PeriodisationManchester United is facing a major injury crisis. With a list of 43 injuries this season, the injury crisis is a hot topic all over the world. During next week’s webinar ‘Pre-season Periodisation’ Raymond Verheijen will explain how to use periodisation to prevent injuries by using Manchester United as a case study. The webinar is a practical illustration of many topics such as:

• The periodisation of pre-season after a short off-season
• How to regain freshness of players during pre-season?
• Taking over a team with an extensive playing style last season
• Taking over a team with a high injury rate last season
• And more..

The webinar has been made available for all time zones. Scheduled at 11am CET, 01:30pm CET (Japanese translation) and 08pm CET.

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